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Are you confused by Medicare? 

What exactly does each part cover? 

What are your costs and liabilities?

What are your options?

Life Insurance

There are several different types of Life Insurance, Whether you don’t currently have a policy, or you’re unsure of how your policy is structured, it is important to review the options for you and your loved ones, and ensure your wants and needs are met.

Income in Retirement

Whether you are already retired, or planning for your future, there are many options to review, and recommendations vary. Together we can find the most efficient, and benefit rich solution for your specific needs. 

Lifestyle Protection

A major injury, cancer, heart attacks or strokes, illnesses and more can all lead to enormous hospital bills and care costs. Even with health insurance in place, these unexpected costs can cause great financial damage to an unsuspecting family.

Employee Benefits

Employers and small business owners; allow me to teach you how added employee benefits can be a cost effective, tax efficient way to boost morale, and reduce stress, and improve your business.


Insurance for your dental, hearing, and vision.